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HubSpot Technology


HubSpot is a platform where all your marketing, sales, service and CRM software comes together in one environment. In this way, you have the opportunity to unify your marketing, sales, service and back office departments.

Next to that, HubSpot is the inventor of inbound methodology. Inbound methodology is a method of growing your company by building meaningful relationships with strangers, prospects, customers and promoters. The main goal is to empower these people to reach their goals at any stage in the buyer's journey.

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HubSpot inbound methodology

HubSpot CRM Suite

HubSpot CRM Suite includes CRM Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub and Operations Hub.


CRM Hub is a free tool from HubSpot. It's an easy-to-use CRM for your salespeople. This CRM will give you an overview of your sales pipeline. You have the opportunity to see detailed reports on the sales performance. In this way, you know exactly how your team is performing and know how to coach your team to success. 

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Marketing Hub

All your marketing needs in one easy-to-use platform. As a marketer, you can create attractive content (e.g. blogs, video, social media, live chat), convert visitors into leads (e.g. forms builder, e-mail marketing, account-based marketing, marketing automation) and report & customize your platform (e.g. marketing analytics and custom objects).

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Sales Hub

Sales Hub gives you the opportunity to connect with prospects and customers. During the buyer's journey, you can build trust and establish long relationships.

 “Elixir Solutions is one of the best performing agencies in the world for SalesHub”

Shelby Colby, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at HubSpot

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Service Hub

All your customer service data in one environment. You can support your customers in a personalized, 24/7 service. This will spare you time and your customer satisfaction will be much higher. 


CMS Hub is an easy and powerful CMS. Marketers can easily create landing or website pages without any design skills. CMS Hub is a dream come true for every marketer. 

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Operations Hub

The Operations Hub is there to help RevOps teams support the activities of the commercial teams. By ensuring that the data is clean, shared and that the processes are automated.

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Advantages of using HubSpot CRM Suite:

  • All-in-one marketing, service, sales and service platform
  • Plug-in to all your tools (e.g. Zoom, Slack, Wistia, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey)

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