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Media & Entertainment

The media & entertainment (M&E) industry consists of radio, print, television, and film. These segments include TV shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, books, movies, internet, and games. 

For the M&E industry, it's important to understand customer needs and behavior, therefore they can develop services that both attract and retain customers. 

media and entertainment industry

What are the trends?

Traditionally, the M&E industry has been a creative industry, because they follow the new technology innovations and customer demands. 

M&E leaders are seeking to deliver personalized content using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. According to research from Salesforce, 40% of millennials and Gen Z consumers appreciate personalized recommendations that they're likely to pay for them. This means that the M&E industry needs to revise its content strategy in a way that it can be connected to the right audience. 

Furthermore, we will see more digital advertising on mobile, social media, that will support a wide variety of targeted advertising formats such as recommendation feeds, videos, and live streaming.

This industry will likely invest in marketing, technology, and content to change to a direct consumer model. But they still need to be aware of the unforeseen market opportunities and threats, like we have seen during the pandemic. Success will come down to stay relevant to consumers in an era of highly increasing supply of media products.

At Elixir, we help Media & Entertainment companies to outsmart their competition by aligning the marketing, sales and service teams to become more efficient, and build up a 360° customer view to drive more personalized targeting.

The Solutions for Media & Entertainment companies

  • Forming the customer profile

    Media and entertainment companies often sell their content in various formats and via different channels. This could be  TV shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, books, movies, internet, and games. Customers of one media brand or channel, could be good leads for consuming other types of content as well.

    Therefore, It’s essential for companies in this industry to store as much data as possible about their customers. By building up their customer profile and capturing what their interests are - and this can come from various data sources - they can make targeted, personalized recommendations for other products and services.

    At Elixir, we support media & entertainment companies in centralizing customer data to improve their commercial strategies.

    customer profile media
  • Using automation to gain a competitive edge

    Process automation is important for getting an edge over competitors, certainly in the media & entertainment industry that often deals with a high volume of customers. By removing manual repetitive tasks, companies can eliminate bottlenecks within their commercial processes. Automation leads to internal efficiency gains and a faster sales velocity. This ensures that employees have more time for actual value-adding interactions with customers. Finally, there will be more alignment between the different commercial teams as information does not get lost due to human error.
    competitive edge media

We help commercial organizations outsmart competitors.

Elixir transforms commercial departments. We do this by implementing advanced Hubspot solutions giving you a 360° view of your customers. Together we re-imagine your digital processes and systems to make your organisation smarter, no mtatter how complex.



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