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Technology & Software

Companies from the technology and software industry sell goods and services related to information technologies and software. Software is changing very frequently to improve the tool and to adapt to the users. Every year, a tool can be completely different compared to the year before. That makes this industry very dynamic and oriented towards the customer. We believe that this is a strong ground for the industry to answer the trends of the market and grow.

Elixir's view on the industry

From experience, we know that technology and software companies are mostly focusing on their product. However, customers are more and more searching to implement solutions that help them face business challenges and complete their jobs to be done. The tool as such becomes subordinate to the objective. Understanding what companies are trying to solve is key to building trust and close deals.

Therefore, Elixir is helping companies in the technology and software industry to focus on solution-selling instead of product-selling by building up the customer profile and aligning Marketing, Sales, and Service.

Solutions for the technology & software industry

  • Aligning commercial teams and processes

    The decision-making process for technology & software companies can take up a lot of time, depending on the complexity and price of the solution. Therefore, implementing best practices to keep prospects engaged and stay top-of-mind is important to convert them into customers. This is a joint effort of both marketing and sales. 

    Sharing information between marketing and sales helps in personalizing and automating prospect follow-ups to not miss any opportunity. This information is also useful to communicate the value they can bring for the prospects during their decision process so as to build a relationship. Based on online behavior data with marketing content, for example, sales can know which leads to prioritize and which pain points to focus on during the conversations. By providing marketing with insights on why leads did or did not convert, they can further optimize the marketing strategy.

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  • Ensuring a good user adoption

    When introducing new technologies and processes, it’s important that the users are embracing it. Although this may come more naturally for employees in the technology and software industry, change management should not be forgotten to make sure the new processes are correctly followed, the systems are used and data is being stored.

    During the implementation of a CRM solution, we let key users give their input, which is essential for a smooth adoption. We also give role-based training sessions, adapted to the daily operations of the users. After the implementation, we frequently check on how things are going during feedback sessions, so we can align on which optimizations should be done on technical and functional level.

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Customer cases

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