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Leverage Showpad share and view activity from emails, in HubSpot

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  • It's finally here!

    As a Showpad partner, we've repeatedly heard the request from their HubSpot customers for an integration between the two. And because integrations is what we do best we are happy to give you what you were waiting for. The app we created will have even more features in the near future, so be sure to download the app in the HubSpot App Marketplace so you can evolve with us.
    HubSpot Showpad integration
  • Add Showpad email activity in HubSpot

    The integration allows you to add share and view activity from Showpad emails to your HubSpot contacts. This will reduce the switching between HubSpot and Showpad and enrich your view of customer journeys in HubSpot.
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  • Use Showpad activity in workflows, and lists

    Because you now have Showpad email activity in your HubSpot portal, you can use it as an enrollment trigger for workflows or a filter when making lists.
    Showpad workflows

    We have added a pop-up window so you can look at exactly what Showpad file was viewed or shared from within HubSpot. 
    showpad timeline
  • New mail addresses will lead to the creation of a new contact

    When you send a Showpad email to someone who's mail address is not yet assigned to a contact in HubSpot, the app will create a new contact. This way you can be assured that you are tracking any other interactions they have with your business after sending the mail.
    Showpad contact






Why use the Showpad-HubSpot integration?

The Showpad-HubSpot integration allows you to see Showpad share & view data of Showpad mails inside of HubSpot This allows you to see those events on a HubSpot contact, and as triggers for workflows and lists.

What are the benefits of the Showpad-HubSpot integration?

With the integration you no longer have to switch between Showpad & HubSpot to get an entire view of contact's customer journey.

How do I install the integration?

You can set it up all by yourself! Download the integration here. And then follow these simple instructions. That's literally it, you can immediately start using the integration.

  • Administrator access to Showpad's Online Platform is needed for configuration

What are the requirements to be able to use the Showpad-HubSpot integration?

HubSpot: No requirements

Showpad: Enterprise add-on for Webhooks (contact your Showpad Manager for more info)

How much does the Showpad-HubSpot integration cost?

We have two pricing plans:

  • Basic
    If you have 10 Showpad users or less, you pay €30/month
  • Business
    If you have 11 Showpad users or more, you pay €3/month for every user.
    ex. Company has 20 users, they will pay €60 per month

We offer a free trial of 30 days

Do you offer a free-trial?

Yes, we do. Everyone can test the integration for free for 30 days. Simply install the app and you can start using the trial. We'll notify you when the trial comes to an end.

What does the integration do?

It puts Showpad email activity on a HubSpot contact

What does the integration not do?

The integration doesn't send data from HubSpot to Showpad

The integration doesn't support shared space activity

Who is the integration for?

For teams that want to see and use Showpad mail activity inside of HubSpot