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Hubspot consulting services

Hubspot consulting services

As a HubSpot Diamond partner, Elixir offers consultancy on HubSpot’s entire suite of marketing, sales and services tools. Together we re-imagine your digital processes and systems to give you a 360° view of your customers. Gain a competitive advantage by reinventing your commercial processes.

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  • Solution architecture studies

    When you engage in a digital transformation project, you rarely start from a blank sheet. Your company may already have a bunch of systems and processes in place supporting your commercial and administrative departments. You have already gathered a lot of data, which needs to be protected, governed and leveraged strategically.

    As such, bringing in new solutions is not always that obvious, and such a project needs to be prepared and managed with care. That's why we propose solution architecture studies.

    We analyze your current processes, your needs and propose the best solution architecture that will give you a 360° view on your customers and therefore being able to outsmart your competition.

    Requirements analysis Software package selection Fit-gap analysis between your current environment and the to-be environment Definition of your to be
  • Onboard your commercial departments on HubSpot

    We help you to understand how HubSpot fits into your business and current architecture, by ensuring HubSpot is fully leveraged into your marketing, sales and service business processes. Therefore we onboard your commercial departments on a new (inbound) methodology and new business processes. These services are provided in different languages (English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish,…).

  • Data migration

    Having the best system is not enough if you don’t have the right data… That’s why data migration has to be handled carefully.
    We typically migrate the following objects: Companies, Contacts, Deals, Notes, Emails, …
    For certain objects that are not covered by HubSpot, we use the best tools to get your data in HubSpot and we manage custom objects.
    As data quality is of great importance for the functioning of your HubSpot portal, we put great emphasis on data enrichment and data cleansing.


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