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Consumer goods and services

Consumer goods and services companies are making and distributing products and/or services bought for consumption by individuals or households. Alternatively called final goods and services, whether they are edible, wearable, ridable or usable, they are the end result of production, manufacturing and distribution.


What is the situation today?

Since covid appeared 2 years ago, it’s been a roller-coaster ride for consumer good businesses. Customers demand more convenience and innovation, but they’re continuously frustrated by higher prices and shortages. And it doesn’t seem like this wild ride will be slowing down anytime soon…


According to McKinsey, Consumer goods companies, in order to grow, need to constantly adapt to the ever-evolving environment: aim for sales force productivity, more digitalization, more personalization, more innovation, centered on the end-customer…


At Elixir, we believe the priorities are the following:

  • Focus on brand building that targets the customer. Marketing activities should follow the customer’s journey and personalize the experience. This remains underdeveloped these days but should be a top priority.
  • Sales processes should continue to evolve towards a digital strategy. This consequently lightens the buying process as it allows a more direct sell, without having to go through a series of intermediaries.
  • Buying goods and services online has become the norm. This shift to e-commerce is likely to stay. Companies that are experiencing increased e-commerce demands need to invest in updating their omnichannel networks.
  • Back-office should actively and constantly focus on providing a personalized experience and service. This will be supported by the implementation of automation.

At Elixir, we support Consurmer goods and services companies in digitizing their commercial processes, aligning with commercial teams and other stakeholders, in order to stand out from competition by improving both internal efficiency and customer experience.

Elixir’s solutions for consumer goods and services firms

  • Target and personalize Marketing activities

    The world is constantly changing and so are consumer’s buying behaviors. The industry now needs more than ever to understand their target group and to segment their communication. Marketing through offline channels is outdated, the digital world has become the new normality. Thanks to this, companies can better define the profile of their customers and understand their behaviors, which should allow them to better adapt their Marketing strategies to their customer’s needs.

    industry- Consumer goods - personalized marketing actions
  • Telesales

    Although we see a shift to more digital, there are still a lot of companies who contact their customers in a personalized way by phone. To be efficient, this has to be well supported by methodology and technology. Having an efficient telesales solution is therefore essential. 

    Our consultants work together with our customers to find the best telesales solutions for their needs and successfully implement them. Discover more in this customer story!


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