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Building & Construction

This industry revolves around building, maintaining, and repairing structures. The companies of this industry are diverse, as they can be multinational companies or local players.
building and construction industry

About the Building and Construction industry

Due to multiple factors, it is also one of the industries that is least digitised. For example, building & construction companies often work with multiple stakeholders, making it difficult to align. Secondly, the industry has a higher average employee age, leading to a slower adoption of digital technology. Finally, processes and project approaches in construction can be quite different, and finding a fitting solution for all of them may prove challenging. 

At Elixir, we support Building & Construction companies in digitizing their commercial processes, aligning with commercial teams and other stakeholders, in order to stand out from competition by improving both internal efficiency and customer experience.

Solutions for building & construction companies

  • Creating transparency and capturing opportunities

    Commercial processes in the construction industry often involve multiple stakeholders. Think of marketing, sales and customer service, but also partners such as project planners, designers & architects, contractors and real estate brokers. Each of these stakeholders can identify leads and potential new projects via different channels. 

    As a building & construction company, you want to be able to capture these potential projects as early as possible, on a platform where information on customers and opportunities is shared by these stakeholders. This helps to outsmart the competition by collaborating better within the ecosystem, giving you a higher chance of winning deals.

    hands capturing dirt - building construction
  • Getting everyone on the same page

    Employees can be resistant to adopting new processes and technologies. Implementing tools and introducing new ways of working in any organization is only a success if everyone is on board. Especially in the construction industry that employs a rather aging workforce, this may prove challenging. If change management is not sufficiently taken into account, it could lead to employees not willing to use the systems, loss of data and therefore opportunities, and human mistakes due to wrong use.

    At Elixir, we understand this is one of the most important hurdles and stress change management a lot during the implementation of new systems and tools. We usually advise to not make things too complicated, which is necessary for a smooth transition and user adoption. Next to that, we give role-based training sessions that are adapted to the daily lives of the users. After the go-live, we regularly ask for feedback to know which difficulties the employees are still facing and what should be improved.


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