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Financial services

The financial industry consists of a whole range of companies that offer financial services to individuals and corporations. It is a well-developed sector in which there is a lot of sensitive information. Therefore, companies require a high level of security in all their activities. This is an important point that should be taken into account in all activities. However, it should not prevent the sector from growing within the market trends.
financial services industry

Current trends in the industry

According to a study by Deloitte, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift towards digitalization of the financial industry has accelerated. Companies had to put a lot of effort to fully digitize their operations and commercial activities. There was especially an extraordinary increase in digital sales.

This trend existed already, however, it has taken a strong turn in 2020. The sector, which is traditionally offline oriented and using traditional commercial channels, is now looking into the digital world. 

At Elixir, we help Financial Services companies to digitize and re-define their commercial operations, build up a central view on the customer in order to outsmart competition.

Our solutions for financial services companies

  • Increasing process efficiency

    Customers of financial services companies today have a lot of options to manage their affairs themselves. Think of banking apps, online application forms for loans and insurance, customer portals, etc. Next to that, financial service companies have started to automate their internal processes, leading to an increased efficiency. 

    At Elixir, we support you in re-thinking your commercial processes to better align them and increase automation of low-value adding but time-consuming tasks. Consequently, employees at financial services companies can spend more time on communicating with their customers and actually bringing value. Those communication tools can be connected to a central system to store information of interactions and make it easy to find back for other employees.

    online banking
  • Driving user adoption

    When implementing new working methods and systems, it’s key that the employees are adopting it properly, certainly since in financial services, processes need to be strictly followed.

    Therefore, we always put a great deal of attention to the user adoption during implementation projects. This means taking the user perspective into consideration by letting key users join in workshops and give their input on the processes and configuration. Next to that, there is training adapted to the use cases and daily lives of different roles within the organization. And after go-live, we regularly organize feedback meetings to identify what the users are still having difficulties with and if anything can be optimized.


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