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SAP X HubSpot integration

We help you gain a 360° view on your customers by integrating your SAP ERP or SAP CRM with HubSpot!
This integration can help your organization achieve a more holistic view of customers, streamline business processes, improve collaboration between departments, and ultimately drive growth and efficiency.

Integrate HubSpot and SAP's ERP solutions

Integrating your ERP with HubSpot offers benefits such as seamless data sync, improved customer insights, streamlined lead-to-cash processes, efficient resource allocation, comprehensive reporting, personalized customer experiences, cost savings, and enhanced data security and compliance. This integration creates a unified business environment, improving customer engagement and operational efficiency while saving time and reducing errors.

Use HubSpot in combination with a CRM of SAP
Is your sales team working with a CRM of SAP, for example C/4 HANA, and your marketing team wants to leverage the virtues of HubSpot? Then you need an integration between HubSpot and SAP. It will help you to keep your customers, contacts, leads and opportunities in sync. Measure, track & optimize campaign success with bidirectional data and process integration between HubSpot and SAP. 
This puts valuable lead intelligence in the hands of your sales team, and feeds back information and intelligence to the marketing department as well.

elixir as trusted hubspot integration partner

We're globally recognized as the leaders in HubSpot-SAP integration. Our CEO and MD, with +15 years of SAP consulting, uniquely combine business and technical aspects for successful integrations.

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