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In the Machinery industry we find a large panel of companies that are building, transforming, selling and maintaining machines. This industry is traditionally in a B2B market, even though some of the companies are mixing B2B and B2C. 
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What are the market trends?

The Machinery industry is currently facing many challenges because of the high cost of materials, low productivity gains, and staffing costs. These challenges are pushing machinery manufacturers to re-define their processes so as to improve the customer experience and internal efficiency. Companies that are able to do so in a smart way, will be able to keep sales consistent and remain profitable.

By working with multiple Machinery companies, Elixir has noticed that the industry is moving in this direction. We have helped companies to put everything in place to digitize their commercial approach: the methodology, the technology, change management.

Solutions for the industry

  • Aligning commercial processes

    Too often still, commercial departments such as marketing, sales and service in the rather traditional machinery industry are functioning separately from each other. This makes it very difficult to have a view on the entire buyer's journey, leading to a loss of process efficiency and opportunities.

    Well-aligned processes that cover marketing, sales, service and back office are essential to gain a competitive edge. It ensures that good quality leads don’t fall through the cracks, opportunities are followed-up in a structured way, and customers have a good experience when making a purchase or facing issues. Also, feeding back information from one team to another is very valuable. For example, marketing can use sales data to send more targeted content. The sales team can use the customer’s engagement data with marketing collateral to know which challenges and pain points to focus on during sales conversations.

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  • Ensuring a smooth onboarding

    Getting your people to adopt new systems and workflows is not always easy, but of absolute importance for a successful implementation. Especially in the rather traditional machinery companies, change management is not to be taken lightly. Otherwise, it could lead to a loss of data and potential deals, human errors or even resistance to using the systems.

    To ensure a good onboarding and user adoption, we arrange workshops with key users and provide training based on the users’ daily processes. After the go-live, we continue to provide support and proactively keep asking for your input on which struggles the employees still have and what could be optimized from a technical and functional point of view.

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