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SAP C/4HANA is a platform with different clouds for sales, marketing and service, that allows your commercial teams to deliver a valuable experience for your customers.

HubSpot has this in common, only with a more user-friendly interface and powerful marketing tools.

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Integration Details

Why integrating them?

Combining these systems gives you the opportunity to choose the best of both tools so you can improve that customer experience even more. You can keep the management of your sales quotes in SAP C/4HANA and make them available in HubSpot. Together with the user-friendly marketing tools of HubSpot, you create the best experience for your customers and enable alignment and efficiency between your commercial teams.

Our methodology

Our digital business engineers are specialists in integrating SAP products with HubSpot through our proprietary ElixirSync. It will align your teams, enhance your business processes and generate a memorable customer experience.

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