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Hubspot & Salesforce Integration

Transform your tech stack with precision—our HubSpot and Salesforce integration services offers a strategic move that bridges the gap between HubSpot's dynamic marketing capabilities and Salesforce's sales expertise for unified & synchronized operations. Get an estimate on your Integration/Migration

Navigate the integration landscape confidently with our in-house experts.

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Integration Details

Why combine salesforce with hubspot?

The integration isn't just a tech stack; it's a dynamic martech powerhouse. By combining HubSpot's robust inbound features with Salesforce's sales capabilities, this integration takes the next step in aligning sales & marketing teams.

  Closing the Loop Between Sales & Marketing

  Gain a 360° View of Your Customer Journey

 Insights for Data-Driven Decision Making

Whether you're already utilizing tools like Salesforce and HubSpot, contemplating a new marketing solution, or starting fresh without a CRM, our integration playbook offers more info on tailored solutions for every scenario. 

Why elixir as your integration partner?

Discover the Elixir advantage as a HubSpot-certified Custom Integration & Advanced Implementation Expert. Our in-house team ensure seamless integration between Salesforce and HubSpot, here is how:

Business & Technical Expertise: Our unique blend of business and technical proficiency ensures your setup aligns perfectly with your unique business processes.

Challenging the scope: we redefine efficiency by challenging the scope of conventional processes.

Tailored Solutions: Whether using HubSpot's native integration with Salesforce or a custom solution, we craft integrations in line with your business needs.


Why Integrating HubSpot and Salesforce is Your Key to Streamlining Sales & Marketing

Our comprehensive 101 video guide is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to harness the full potential of these two dynamic platforms.

services we offer


Elevate your connectivity seamlessly with our expert integration set-up and implementation services. Tailored to your business needs & objectives, we ensure a smooth and efficient integration between Salesforce and HubSpot. 

  • Integration Assessment
  • Set-Up & Implementation
  • Best Practices


Experience uninterrupted operations with our swift and effective integration repair services done by our in-house technical team. Our experts troubleshoot and resolve issues promptly, ensuring your systems stay seamlessly connected at all times.

  • Audit
  • Swift Troubleshooting
  • Resolution & Optimization


Upgrade effortlessly with our full migration service from Salesforce to HubSpot. Our meticulous process ensures a smooth transition, preserving data integrity & ongoing activities. Making sure your operations are streamlined in the HubSpot ecosystem.

  • Migration of Data & Assets
  • set up in HS
  • Testing - Go-Live


Does HubSpot integrate with Salesforce?

Yes! Seamlessly merge HubSpot with your existing Salesforce infrastructure with it's native integration, so it doesn't require custom development or API creation.

Learn more about the Integration with our 101 Guide

Why use HubSpot and Salesforce?

The integration acts as a strategic bridge, connecting Salesforce's sales expertise with HubSpot's dynamic marketing capabilities & most important the data. This powerful tech stack redefines how organizations approach the crucial alignment between sales and marketing teams.

Read more about it here

What are the benefits of HubSpot integration with Salesforce?

With HubSpot's committed assistance, the Salesforce integration boosts efficiency, reduces waiting times, and facilitates the closing of more business. You have control over record synchronization, critical lead data, lead prioritizing with scores, and tailored marketing utilizing Salesforce specifics while tracking revenue from closed-won prospects thanks to an easy setup, dependable performance, and automatic updates.

Read more about the Integration with our 101 Guide

How often does HubSpot sync with Salesforce?

The HubSpot-Salesforce integration initiates a sync from Salesforce to HubSpot every 10-15 minutes. This means that a record may take 15 minutes to sync to HubSpot after it first meets the Sharing Rule criteria. Make sure that records created in Salesforce by the HubSpot Integration meet your sharing rule criteria.

What HubSpot plan integrates with Salesforce?

The HubSpot Salesforce integration is available on the HubSpot Professional or Enterprise plan.

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