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Sage 100

Sage 100 is an ERP Software for small and medium companies, and can be used for CRM, Accounting, Inventory management, etc. In Sage100, users can manage their business relations, proposals, orders, invoices, and more.

If your commercial teams are working with HubSpot for marketing activities, lead management and following-up on opportunities, it may be very interesting to build an interface between both applications.

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Integration Details

why integrate them

With an integration, data can be automatically shared between Sage 100 and HubSpot. This could include syncing customer and contact data from Sage100 to HubSpot or the other way around, and creating a HubSpot deal whenever a quote or order is created in Sage100. Such an integration can help with:

  • Keeping good data quality in different systems
  • Increasing sales productivity through a centralized 360° view on the customer
  • Bringing more efficiency to the commercial processes
  • Leveraging sales data for better targeting by marketing
our methodology

For integration projects, we have a proven methodology to make sure the collaboration goes well and a high-quality integration is delivered. This means coming up with best practice flows that help you work as efficiently as possible while preventing the pollution of data. Next to that, we thoroughly test different scenarios.

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