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Professional services

The professional services industry are companies that provide support to businesses in the form of advice, consulting or performing tertiary roles. To be successful, they have to evolve along with their client base to ensure that they're always bringing value. 
professional services industry

What are the trends of the sector?

Keeping up with the trends is very important for this industry because the needs and challenges of their clients can change. If they fail to keep up with the latest trends, they run the risk of being left behind. The shifts in the industry are driven by automation and digitization:

The desire for a more personalized and intuitive customer experience driven by new technology. Many professional services firms are focusing on building valuable customer relationships. They want to understand their clients better so they can deliver even more valuable services.  

Furthermore, consumers are online looking for and finding solutions  - instead of traditional advertising.

The challenges of the professional services firms

  • Creating a complete customer view

    Companies in the professional services industry often sell a broad range of different services. Think of insurance providers that offer car insurance, transport insurance, liability insurance, etc. A customer of one service may also be a good fit for another service. 

    When implementing a new CRM-solution, we recommend gathering customer data from different sources in a central place. That can go from data such as company size, location, annual revenue, etc. to behavioral data such as historic purchases and website engagement.

    Making it easy to find back customer information in a 360° view is very valuable for identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Next to that, it improves the process efficiency as well as customer satisfaction by making more relevant, personalized offers.

    customer view professional services
  • Driving user adoption

    Introducing new systems and processes can only be successful if the employees are embracing it. In the professional services industry, this may be a challenge since these organizations have increasingly been introducing new technologies the past years, asking for a lot of change already.

    At Elixir, we know this is one of the most essential challenges and particularly focus on user adoption. During the implementation, we take into account the user perspective, which is crucial for a smooth onboarding. Additionally, we provide training that is specifically tailored to the processes these employees have to follow on a daily basis. And after going live, we have frequent feedback sessions to know what they are still struggling with and what needs to be improved.


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