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Custom CRM/ERP integrations

HubSpot is a software offering Marketing, Sales and Service tools. It can be used to manage marketing campaigns via different channels, work on customers and leads, handle complaint tickets, follow-up on deals in the pipeline, etc.

Next to HubSpot, many organizations have other CRM or ERP software, for example to store customer data and create proposals, purchase orders, invoices, etc. Departments such as Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Planning, etc are typically working with these tools.


Integration Details

Why integrate them

As an organization working with HubSpot and other CRM/ERP tools, you should consider an integration between both. That allows you to automatically send data between from one system to another. HubSpot could be used for generating and nurturing leads, and once they reach a particular point in the customer’s journey, their data is synced to the other CRM/ERP. The Sales team could create quotes and orders in the other system, which are sent to HubSpot as deals. Some benefits of an integration are:

  • Building up the 360° customer view 
  • More aligned commercial processes
  • Different data sources to drive a more personalized marketing strategy
  • Maintaining data quality in both tools
Our methodology

We can connect HubSpot with SAP solutions (C4C, ByDesign, CRM…), many other top-tier vendors like Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Business Central, Salesforce, mobile apps and custom CRM solutions as well. 

When building integrations, we work based on our Elixir Delivery Methods to ensure the project goes well and we deliver a high-quality integration. We start from best practices but tailor to your situation, we focus on avoiding data pollution when designing the solution architecture, and we test the integration thoroughly.

Do you want to integrate HubSpot with another system? Let’s discuss your project together!

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