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Biotech companies have the characteristics that they use living organisms to develop solutions and products. Those products can be in a large range of chemicals, food ingredients, textiles, paper, etc. It is a very dynamic sector with a lot of startups and scaleups in it.

Discover below the trends of the industry and the solutions for them.
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Some facts about the industry

According to McKinsey, as a consequence of the public, political, media attention drawn to the sector in the context of COVID-19, the biotech industry is experiencing growth. It appears like a good investment at the moment. This will also lead to an increase in research on new drugs, medication, formulations, etc. 

Another element that is trending in the sector is digitalization. This is something that can be a bit overwhelming for the commercial teams, as they are often not used to the digital channels of communication. Indeed, most of the time, they have a scientific background and are not used to the new practices.

By aligning the commercial teams and building the 360° customer view, Elixir helps companies in the biotech industry to outsmart competition.

Our solutions for Biotech companies

  • Implementing sales and marketing best practices

    The marketing and sales teams are often constituted of people that have a scientific background, rather than a marketing or sales one.

    At Elixir, we deem it our duty to challenge the existing commercial processes and compare them with known best practices. Guiding our Biotech clients and advising them on how to re-shape their ways of working, helps them to become more efficient and productive.
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  • Building on a 360° customer view

    Biotech companies often use quite a lot of different tools. Depending on the business model, this can be ERPs, invoicing tools, project management tools, document management systems, ticketing systems, etc. This means these organizations gather customer data in different sources such as the interactions (emails, calls, meetings) that happened over the past with people that work there, which type of content these people are interested in, the products or services they bought, which complaints they had, …

    When introducing a new CRM, we don’t see this as a standalone implementation but rather look at how it can integrate within the rest of the ecosystem. Being able to easily access all of that information from one centralized place is essential to get an edge over competition. It increases internal efficiency while driving more personalization and customer satisfaction.

    Also, know that it can take time to build up this 360° view. That’s why we usually advise on starting with a phased approach and first implement the fundamentals, then expand.



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