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  • UX Design and consultancy

    Elixir makes your business smarter by providing all facets of a successful UX strategy, ensuring it is aligned with your core values, your company positioning and your brand.
  • CMS development on CMS Hub

    Our technical consultants will translate your designs into a pixel perfect web experience. In all of our projects, we think not only about the end-user experience, but also about the experience of the marketer. He/she should be able to easily adapt and improve the website. Because we want them to be free and independent of the development team.
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  • Migrating existing websites to CMS Hub

    For clients that seek to migrate their current website to CMS Hub, Elixir’s Digital Business Engineers have the right skills and experience to make this process quick, accurate and free of hassle.
  • Making improvements to your current website

    When you are already on CMS Hub, but you want to improve your website, then you need to have a talk with our experts to see how you can do this in the most optimal way. What points do you want to see improved? Are you looking for design improvements, or do you want to go deeper into the capabilities of your website? Let’s chat!