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Aircall is a call center software that helps your commercial teams to communicate with your customers and prospects through all the traditional communication channels, but with tools with professional capabilities.

Hubspot is a CRM platform that helps your sales and service teams to manage the relationship with your customers. It comes with features related to calling, but not as advanced as Aircall, which is why your teams can benefit from it.

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Integration Details

Why should you use Aircall with Hubspot? 

Integrating Aircall with HubSpot will make your sales & service more efficient and productive. Why? They can call straight from their CRM, which will automatically be logged and used for reporting and automated workflows.

Here is a quick overview of the features of Aircall : 
  • Automated call logging
  • Automatically create tickets or trigger workflows
  • Reporting on call data
  • Instant numbers in 100+ countries
  • Business hours scheduling
  • Phone tree/IVR routing
  • Team-based queuing
  • Call recording
  • Call commenting and tagging
  • Cold and warm transfer
  • Live call listening & whispering
  • Transfer to users, teams, external numbers
  • Live Feed, activity and productivity reporting
  • Click-to-dial & PowerDialer
  • Advanced API and webhooks

Watch a quick video presenting this integration:

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