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E-commerce Technologies



Prestashop is one of the big platforms of e-commerce. It enables you to create and manage your online store and your sales. This open source tool has the benefit to be improved and supported by its community. 

If this is the one that you use for your e-shop, know that we have built an integration with HubSpot. Check it out here :  

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Shopify is a platform that is known for its user-friendliness. Your store is easy to create and to manage. This is the biggest advantage of Shopify: the user-friendliness. It is very easy to use and it has the tools to support your activities.

Integrate it with HubSpot and manage your marketing, sales and service activities from there. 

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Magento is also a good option to host and manage your online store. Like Prestashop, it is an open source tool. It is free to install. It is very flexible, but a developer is needed to set it up.

As the other ones, it is a good practice to integrate it with Hubspot. Which we can help you do!

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