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Personalize your re-marketing efforts

With our plug-and-play connector, customer and order information from e-commerce solutions like PretaShop* is synced with HubSpot. Not only is your contact info sent to HubSpot, you also get last order details, calculated values (average or cumulative order) and abandoned cart info.

As a result, your Marketing Automation is boosted!

With our predefined workflows, you can better:

  • React on your customer's purchase history

  • Reduce the amount of abandoned carts

  • Track and attribute revenue


€ 99 per month
Plug and play (setup <1h)
Standard Fields only
Unidirectional sync of customer info, order- and abandoned cart info to Hubspot contacts
Daily sync at night
Support levels

Multilingual ticket support (EN, FR, ES, DE, NL, PL)


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Custom pricing
Setup by our customer success team
Custom fields/filters/logic
Bidirectional sync of customer info, order- and cart info to Hubspot contacts, companies and deals
Configurable sync timings
Support levels
Multilingual ticket support (EN, FR, ES, DE, NL, PL)
24/7 Support (High Prio Messages) €
Phone Support (Office Hours) €


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 * version PHP 7.0 maximum and up to 5000 products

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