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Improving the customer experience

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Companies from the technology and software industry sell goods and services related to information technologies and software.  Softwares are changing very frequently to improve the tool and to adapt to the users. Every year, a tool can be completely different compared to the year before. That makes this industry very dynamic and oriented towards the customer. We believe that this is a strong ground for the industry to answer the trends of the market and grow.


Elixir Solutions' view on the industry

The events of 2020 still impact the way businesses operate in 2021. Businesses and buyers still remain cautious in their behaviors and preferences.

From experience, we know that technology and software companies are also mostly focusing on the product. However, customers are more and more searching to have a great experience, not only on the tool but also in the commercial process. 

Elixir Solutions is helping companies out of the technology and software industry to improve their Marketing, Sales, and Service processes. By aligning the teams and implementing methodologies that are focused on the customer, our customers are creating awesome customer experiences that improve the retention and advocacy of the clients. 


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Solutions for the technology & software industry

Embracing the long sales process

The sales process in the technology & software industry usually takes up a lot of time. The length of this process increases with the complexity and price of the solution.

Because it is a long sales process, implementing practices that enable making the interactions meaningful and efficient is essential. Elixir Solutions helps the sales teams of this industry to keep track of the previous interactions with the prospect, make it easy to create quotes, and to communicate with the contacts.

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nurture leads

Nurturing leads with content that speaks to them

Technology & software companies tend to struggle to communicate the value they can add because they are too focused on the technical aspect. They push their jargon to potential leads, instead of speaking to what the leads really want.

Furthermore, the Sales reps tend to prioritize leads that are sales-ready and spend less time and energy on the ones that are not. 

Therefore, implementing a good nurturing strategy is important. Based on the data of the contact, personalizing and automating follow-ups helps the companies to not miss any opportunity. Bringing value to the prospects during their decision process will also help build a relationship and converting them.

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Aligning Sales and Marketing

The companies of this industry want to offer a smooth Marketing and Sales collaboration and to enable their teams to work together on creating a good customer experience. For that, implementing the right methodology is essential.

Elixir Solutions builds bridges between the commercial departments. Because we know that this is a pain in a lot of software companies, we implement the methodology and tools needed for the teams to collaborate smoothly. 

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Providing great support

Buyers of software & technology naturally expect very fast support because what they purchased is not a static object. So failing to reply, or help customers is a costly misstep. A company in this industry needs to have a tool to be able to take care of all incoming questions.

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Partnership Simac Elixir

Normally I don't fill out these reviews but I'm glad to make an exception for our partner Elixir. Their personal and effective approach helped us implementing new functionalities to our process which improves our business. A reliable company as Simac needs partnerships which we can rely on. We found one with Elixir.

Dick Van Engelen

Found error and fixed issue in no time

Very happy to have met Carl and his team. We were dealing with an issue with 3rd party implementation of HubSpot and Salesforce (via Skyvia) for weeks and couldn't get anywhere. He was very quick in making some time for our issue and had it fixed within the next few days. Thanks for the great work!

Nikolett Jäger
Seven Senders

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