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Solution Architecture Studies

We create your solution architecture

When you engage in a digital transformation project, you rarely start from a blank sheet.  Your company may already have a bunch of systems and processes in place supporting your commercial and administrative departments.  And you have already gathered a lot of data, which need to be protected, governed and leveraged strategically.

As such, bringing in new solutions are not always that obvious, and such a stair webproject needs to be prepared and managed with care.

If you are in this situation, you may want to engage in a solution architecture study with Elixir Solutions.

Before getting started with the actual project, Elixir Solutions can support you with:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Software package selection
  • Fit-gap analysis between your current environment and the to-be environment
  • Definition of your to be solution architecture, and the impact on other solutions and integrations
  • Assess risks, calculate costs, timelines and constraints

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