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HubSpot add-on for Asset Maintenance Management

Our approach to asset maintenance management

If you’re selling complex products like industrial equipment, machinery, software or other complex components, then you’re probably keeping track of your installed base in your ERP system or in another environment. Although these represent valuable data, sales and marketing people find it difficult to make use of it in their day to day life.

Elixir Solutions’ Asset Maintenance HubSpot add-on links your installed base/asset maintenance data to your HubSpot CRM, which will bring visibility to your installed base data and generate opportunities to connect with customers, tap service revenues, as well as improve loyalty.

How? By: 

  • Knowing what your customers has on site

  • Marketing smarter and more focused

  • Generating sales out of your existing customer base

Want to know more? Click below to download our one-pager:

Discover our Asset Management add-on
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Ready to link your maintenance data to HubSpot CRM?

Are you considering to link your maintenance data to your HubSpot CRM? We link it for you! 

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